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The c64 stagnated on the same hardware for 11 years of production or whatever it was. If anyone wants to code a demo or game they have one set of hardware to target and so a lot more will be released.

The amigas prods on the other hand are divided amongst OCS/ECS, AGA & PPC with each different chipset having a much shorter time in the sun. There are still prods comming out on the amiga, not as many as the c64 granted but there is still interest and buzz around as far as I can see on pouet and from talking to some of the local syntax scene guys. We still have active devs pushing out software and keeping it updated for classic amigas.

I can't comment on the ZX spectrum as a few here know I have absolutely no interest in that piece of crap at all.

The amount of kids today who take an interest in the c64, ZX or even amiga scene could probably be counted on one hand. The reason? They never experienced the machine in their youth and therefore have absolutely no interest in a machine they have no nostalgia for. can go out of busness for all I care, not because of the rising of the ashes bullshit but because they just havent done anything worthwhile and maybe someone else could. Whether it be a c64dtv/minimig type toy or something cooler like releasing the old kickstart files I don't know... I'll leave that to whoever is running the show.

Akira in your absense the forum has become a lot more tolerant of a wide range of amigans, just be aware there will be OS4.x and next gen PPC hardware topics. These people shouldnt be flamed as zealots and told to piss off to because some of us arent interested imo. Some of these people have a lot to offer around here.

Being closed minded and flaming these people because you have one set of beliefs makes you look like a "classic zealot".

Not that you have done that though.
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