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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
It is evident that, to -you-, using a vintage computer automatically means nostalgia or retro.
All I will say, besides that I don't know why you have a problem with me (I am not biter at all, you don't know me), the demoscene has nothing to do with nostalgia, and that I am not C64 zealot, since I do not think there will be a "second coming" of the C64 in any shape...
Yes there are some for whom do not view the C64 or Amiga nostalgically and Yes there are some that do! .. I am caught somewhere in the middle, because if i had the money i would be buying a shit load for my Amiga and C64 (wouldn't mind getting a hold a 1541 Ultimate) but financially that is not the case and i fire it up now only for the game compo on here and for perhaps a few demo's for "nostalgia" and also to consider what they were capable of doing on the Amiga back then with its hardware... I do also plan to get back this year (when things are not too busy for me) into making Music MODS on my A1200 for which i will be taking to the Australian Demo scene Syntax each year.

And just because i might get nostalgic about the Amiga it does NOT mean that i automatically think its going to return, because i know for a fact that it wont and so do you, and MOST of the people on here know that too!!.. its mostly those guys over at that think there is going to be some amazing intervention to bring the Amiga back from the ashes, but they are pissing in the wind.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
And I just said something to Yoto who, hey, he's not nostalgic about Amiga, he uses it TODAY wioth a modern setup -AND- applications.
And so would i if i had the cash!, but why doesn't he just use a cheap Windows system and why did he bother spending money on Amiga hardware that was always overpriced and is still quite expensive right now?.. PC hardware is dirt cheap but he chooses the Amiga to use TODAY, so although he may not be nostalgic about it, why use something so old as the Amiga if he is not!? And retro is short for retrospective which is basically what the Amiga and C64 are.. retrospective systems that are no longer being produced today. But if you say he is not nostalgic then he is not nostalgic, fair enough.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I think you are the one a bit confused, and I hate the fact that you start your comments with "no offense" when you actually mean o attack.
When did i say "no offence"? .. are you starting to develop schizophrenia with the written word? So mate, if you want a real attack because it suits your paranoia then by all means i will give you one, i just won't do it on here we will do it over the phone.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
No grudges, I couldn't care less about anyone getting angry at whatever I say since you don't know me one bit yet you dare call me a prick. I don't remember insulting you.
But one of my pet peeves is misconceptions, and saying that all of this -has- to be nostalgic, is bullshit.
No i was not calling you as a person in all your entirety a prick, i was saying that were responding like a prick and there are better ways to respond and you did so with no provocation, but If there is provocation then yes it can be justified.

Who said that any of this -has- to be nostalgic!? I never said that anything related to the Amiga -has- to be that way and neither is anybody else? ... Some are and some aren't, and it just so happens you aren't.

So do you still love me or would you rather put a big aluminum baseball bat around my head!?

Lets call it a day and shake on this , or am i still trying to attack you?

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