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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Monster Xgl400 Cvaa-10

You need to activate 720p/1080i on the MS dash before XBMC can use them.

If you have a PAL xbox then the options do not appear. You need to change your xbox to NTSC (EEPROM switch) to bring up the options for 720p/1080i

The tool to switch your EEPROM to NTSC is called Enigmah-X

If you have a softmod you need to switch off virtual EEPROM during the change for it to be permanent.
I finally recieved my monster cables from Canada, they took two months via ship.

Anyways I find media stream to be really flakey in HD modes, slow and crashes a lot, can barely launch a video file. If I switch to one of the other skins everything works fine and looks good. But I can't bring myself to go back to those after seeing media stream in action

In 1080i media stream looks superb but in 720p the fonts are really jaggy. What resolution should I be running the menu at and is there seperate font packs for different resolutions?

I am on a very recent build xbmc and the newest build of media stream. Any suggestions?
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