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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post

You are a crazy man, but i forgive you
It is evident that, to -you-, using a vintage computer automatically means nostalgia or retro.
All I will say, besides that I don't know why you have a problem with me (I am not biter at all, you don't know me), the demoscene has nothing to do with nostalgia, and that I am not C64 zealot, since I do not think there will be a "second coming" of the C64 in any shape...

And I just said something to Yoto who, hey, he's not nostalgic about Amiga, he uses it TODAY wioth a modern setup -AND- applications.

I think you are the one a bit confused, and I hate the fact that you start your comments with "no offense" when you actually mean o attack.

No grudges, I couldn't care less about anyone getting angry at whatever I say since you don't know me one bit yet you dare call me a prick. I don't remember insulting you.
But one of my pet peeves is misconceptions, and saying that all of this -has- to be nostalgic, is bullshit.
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