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Originally Posted by leytond View Post
to learn basics regarding an amiga i would say to anyone , get an amiga, the emulator will only do so much and its a total pain to setup such as getting adf versions of workbench
Hi (again) leytond,

I wouldn't say that. My experience is exactly the opposite.

It was because I had been able to use emulators such as the DOS and Windows versions of UAE and Fellow using Amiga Kickstart and Workbench files found on the internet that I realized what good machines the Amigas were. When I bought my first Amiga, I knew exactly what to do with it because of what I had already learned using emulators.

As regards getting ADF versions of Workbench, this can easily be achieved from Amiga Workbench disks on a PC using the trial version of Disk2FDI.

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