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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
Oh and KG, I've not forgotten about those guns they're still sitting under my desk, just not had time to post them. Please forgive me
I suppose it refers to some digital drawings. But that could really be misinterpreted.

I don't know of any amiga expansion for Dune II.

I played Super Dune II a while ago. There some interesting features (ability to control the sandworms or rather give them a patrol zone if I remember correctly, being able to build non-adjacent concrete slabs). Some levels can be a bit chaotic however, so don't expect a simple extension but rather a modification.

If I remember correctly it comes with some documentation on how it was made and the file structure of the PAK files. Maybe if the amiga version shares some similar component you could use it with the amiga version, although I believe it to be rather unlikely.

Also, in my opinion the PC version if more immersive than the amiga version notably for the dynamic music and richer sounds (for instance, instead of only "enemy unit approaching" you have "enemy unit approaching from the [east, north etc...]), so I would advise you give it a good try, you won't be disappointed.

The only thing I can think of that is really better in the amiga version is the building menus, which are horizontal instead of vertical. Seems more natural and I think I remember it displays more items.
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