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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I started in 92, never stopped and i still do.
I make music and graphics on a professional scale with it. Who here uses SERIOUSLY?
Can you explain where you were going with the question?
You have a seriously depressing bitter tone mate, i am just trying to figure out your motive behind it. Yeah Yeah, i know, you are going to say you are just stating the facts i cannot handle ..etc..

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I am a big follower, and USER , of the machine, for 19 uninterrupted years, and I couldn't care less about Amiga Inc., and even less about the zealots that allow it to live on with their blatant lies.
Just a slight correction, you started in 92, its 2009, so thats 17 years not 19.. anyway.. thats a small point , although given the life of the machine, 92 is comparatively late so you would have missed most of the main buzz behind the machine.

Listen, the man is just passionate about a machine he has many memories with just as a man will look back at a classic Car he had that was machined and sounded a certain way for which gives him a feeling like nothing else can because it was part of his youth, and yes you are right, the Demoscene started many years before the Amiga, but i still feel as though the 16 bit machines such as the Amiga made a big impact due to being one of the first home machines which gave true power to home users at an affordable price and helped the Demoscene develop in ways that it had not before.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Fact is, the Amiga scene, specially the demoscene, is pretty much stagnant, and hardly anything happens with it except for the hardcore groups that are keeping it real. That's why I put the C64 scene in comparison, which is super active and prolific. Why isn't the Amiga scene as much? I have my theories
How about the theory that the C64 was a worldwide phenomenon that took even American by storm back in the day and was the biggest selling computer of all time, whereas the Amiga got most of its following from select parts of the world and was not quite the success the C64 was despite the fact it was better than anything around at the time. You say you have your theories, so what are these theories?

Whats really silly here mate is that you love to go on about "Amiga" zealots, yet all you do is go on and on about the C64 so in effect all that makes you is a "C64" zealot but you don't like hearing that do you!? .. No man here is saying "you" can't be passionate about your views so what makes you judge, jury and executioner in reference to the attitudes of your responses. Wouldn't hurt to not respond like a prick

Hey, i love the C64 as well, yes the Amiga did not start the demoscene but it definitely was an influential machine and regardless of its status in the world and on the scene today, it still showed some of the greatest art and pixel work of its time and slandering it does nothing for anyone.

(And before you blow this out of context "I am not saying the Amiga is the MOST influential machine, but it was influential regardless".)

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