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Some of the 64's popularity, I suspect, is from the SID chip. Excellent for the time, and an instant retro sound. And the 64 was probably a first in some ways, for being a decent little 8-bit computer that was insanely popular. If someone is going to reminisce about 80s computing, it's probably the 64. Comparing active scenes between it and the Amiga is apples and oranges.

Granted, one can go over the top, but I don't see Yotoxionomai's comments as too far out there. Amiga fanatics have been around since its conception. And to varying degrees. The demos were special for the Amiga, too, in that it's sound and graphics kept up for many years, while remaining standard, as opposed to a PC demo that needed a 386 when 286s were the norm, or required a Soundblaster Pro or SVGA.

Anyway, perhaps I haven't been paying close attention, but I don't see any "zealots that allow it to live on with their blatant lies."
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