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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
@Akira: When did you first start using the Amiga and i mean "really" start using one?, I am not trying to be snide here, just curious.
I started in 92, never stopped and i still do.
I make music and graphics on a professional scale with it. Who here uses SERIOUSLY?
Can you explain where you were going with the question?

I am a big follower, and USER , of the machine, for 19 uninterrupted years, and I couldn't care less about Amiga Inc., and even less about the zealots that allow it to live on with their blatant lies.

Fact is, the Amiga scene, specially the demoscene, is pretty much stagnant, and hardly anything happens with it except for the hardcore groups that are keeping it real. That's why I put the C64 scene in comparison, which is super active and prolific. Why isn't the Amiga scene as much? I have my theories

Now thank god for WinUAE...
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