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Akira's 2.05 WB preview

Pretty simple for now, it's just... functioning. I have to optimize it and all, but it is working just fine, and it seems like it's leaving enough memory for WHDLoad to work fine. I have to test this, though. If it fails, I'll consider going back to a 4 colors mode, but that takes all the fun out of it

Currently it's only running three things: Magicmenu 1.27 (old and easy on our good old friend, the processor!), NickPrefs (only running the WBPicture thing with a nice Ikaruga bg, not Busypointer or Click removal), and StarClick, a little proggy that removes the clicking from the drive and adds the wildcard * to the system (I think I'll remove this later)

No MUI, no MCP, or other stuff. Just plain ole WB its got a few "apps" of my own done with CLIVA, but I think I'll remove them because they are, well... cack :P I added Deluxe paint IV somewhere, but I'll add a few more apps (like DirWork, instead of Opus. It's nice and small, and very configurable . no icons patch running, all icons were either done by me or reworked by me for 8 colors (look at the Prefs folder)

What else? nothing, methinks. My current A600 setup is running more stuff but I dont think it's necessary, I'm loading it just for showing off, since my main machine is the A1200. You should see people's faces when they see what the little computer can do

As soon as it's finished, I'll up it somewhere, probably Kiken.

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