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Help on Might & Magic 2 (Warning, spoiler!)

I am playing this nice RPG an I done very much quests, but I need some help...

* where is the Frost Dragon's Cave? I have to kill the Frost Dragon as Paladin's quest but I can't find it. I know it is in the "Forbidden Forest" but every scan of the original map I found on the Internet is not readable.

* Lord Slayer give me the random quest to kill an "Avenger". It can be found in a particular place or I have to have "a round around" and hope to find it?

* I know the most powerful monster of the game is The Orc God. Where is it? I want to try to kill it later...

Thank you in advance for all clues

EDIT: I've ready googled for!!!! I have found no useful clues!

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