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Originally Posted by gordonbennett View Post
I was reading the Amiga Inc thread and to me like others have said is dead but it still exists as a hobby for retro lovers. Similar to people who still listen to frank sinatra etc. But when do you think the Amiga scene will be completely dead? Once, we the amiga generation, die, will the Amiga scene with it? Or will there be people who never had an Amiga in the originals days keep the scene alive in say 40 years. Might have its plus sides, when most Amigans have died you may be able to pick up and sx-32 pro for a £10 and a blizzard for £5 when there grand children find it in the loft.
I'm a newbie, eg never had an Amiga in the original days

I think if OS 4.x doesn't bring some new users into the fold then it will dwindle as we all get too old to type.
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