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Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai View Post
Amiga is not only a machine, its a concept, an idea, probably the symbol of our rebel youth, anyone could have a PC but only a few would dare to tangle with Amiga, only a few searched for a computer that could provide that unique sence of awe.
Amiga was forged in the dark age of computer industry
Are you serious? relax friend!

The demoscene was and still is extremely interesting and cool but didn't generate in Amiga, and the laying grounds behind it are platform-independent... As for the rest... Amiga is a computer, not a "state of mind"... that's when zealotry starts! Just enjoy it very much but don't make it a "religion", it's not healthy.

Where is the Amiga demoscene today, by the way? No where. But look at the thriving C64 and Soectruym demoscenes. A lesson to be learned there.
I wish there were more prods and groups for Amiga but there aren't. Up Rough are always tops, you have almost one yearly TBL demo, and then RNO, but come on, can't we have a bit more? The machine doesn't generate as much interest anymore and I think a lot of it is because of all this Amiga coming back like jesuschrist situiations pushing people away and laughing at the sole sight of the word "Amiga". Becayuse that's what happens.

"Commodore 64"
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