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Well, I have a diiferent program for that (Drive Image, I think it's called...something like that) but at this time, it's useless. W98 degrades over time and thus, I would not want to recreate the way it is right now (with the mishmash of drivers, registry snafus, etc.) I know that ideally it should be imaged once installed and all software is in place the way you want it, but software changes, as do updates and new programs, If I keep making new images when my setup gets updated, then I am also capturing any inefficiencies in that image. Plus the fact that I need that much space free to make a dupe of it all on my D: drive (if only SCSI were more common and functional on PC's...). And if my mirror is larger than a CD, then what? I keep it on my D: drive always?
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