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I would get it translated by a native German.

i am representing the best interests of Amiga Users all around the world.
In English that is not a very nice, or honest statement. How about :

"Hello, I am writing to DCE on behalf of myself and potentially all Amiga Users around the world."

Its common knowledge among the Amiga community DCE purchased the patent of Amiga hardware from the now gone Blizzard company.
Again the statement is not true and (in English) reads slightly aggressive.

"It is my understanding that DCE designed and built of several of the greatest Amiga hardware accessories of their time, including manufacturing the products of the now defunct company "Phase 5"? Does DCE still own the intellectual property for these products?"

Considering the advanced age and usage of those fine accelerator cards some are now desperately in need of extensive repairs.
This is of no interest to them.

So we ask you if you could consider donating the schematics,printed circuit blueprints, Mach chip programming and eeprom bios, to the amiga community,so that we could keep maintaining our hardware as part of the rich history that is Amiga.
I think this is a bit much detail for a "first contact" email.

"I am interested in opening a dialog which might result in preserving the technical information on how and by whom the DCE/Phase 5 products were created and functioned. Is low level information about these products still stored at DCE?"

This would be a service to our community in which we would be forever in your debt.
Too much like begging.

"If the information is available I would like to discuss allowing myself to preserve and publish the data under a non profit license so that Amiga users can learn more about the history of their equipment. Possibly even make their own repairs or upgrades that might ensure DCE built equipment continues to be used well into the 21st Century".

Please send whatever you spare here:
How lame. If you want this information making public you'll have to own the conversation at least for several emails, if not all the way to delivery, before passing ownership off to someone else. Very lame!

"I hope that you would be interested and we can discuss details. Yours Sincerely.... <your name>"

Even with my input I think you'd need to fine tune it a bit more so as to not be too needy and at the same time be positive.
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