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Ok, what about something like this alexh?

Dear Sirs at the DCE administration

My name is Paul and i am representing the best interests of Amiga Users all around the world.
Its common knowledge among the Amiga community DCE purchased the patent of Amiga hardware from the now gone Blizzard company.
Considering the advanced age and usage of those fine accelerator cards some are now desperatly in need of extensive repairs.
So we ask you if you could consider donating the schematics,printed circuit blueprints, Mach chip programming and eeprom bios, to the amiga community,so that we could keep maintaining our hardware as part of the rich history that is Amiga. This would be a service to our community in which we would be forever in your debt.
Please send whatever you spare here:

Many thanks
On behalf of English Amiga Board and all amiga hardware communities spread across the globe.
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