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i wont start a license discussion, but shouldn't the author offer the sourcecode? would help to port latest version, I'd say.

Edit: latest 0.12 compiles fine. just need to cut some tags from the amigaos includes - __BEGIN_DECLS / __END_DECLS - no clue how they re defined, or what meaning they have
the trouble starts when the linker gets invoked. many unknown symbols. something is missing while linking.

somehow related to ixemul stuff. no real clue about. anyone familiar to it? give it a try

Edit2: dug a bit more, came to aos4 backporting. and its getting worse:
./backends/fs/amigaos4/amigaos4-fs.cpp: In constructor `AmigaOSFilesystemNode::AmigaOSFilesystemNode(const Common::String&)':                                
./backends/fs/amigaos4/amigaos4-fs.cpp:169: error: expected primary-expression before "struct"
from this line:
        struct FileInfoBlock *fib = (struct FileInfoBlock *)DOSBase->AllocDosObject(DOS_FIB, NULL);
anyone more skilled than me?

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