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Which is why I have yet to make the move (and why I must live with hourly crashes in the interim). I've already made a log of all the programs that are installed, but they will all be a nightmare to reinstall. On the Amiga, most apps smartly use config files that you can save when you have a program the way you like it. On Windows, its typically (and stupidly) kept in the unstable Windows registry. Imagine the time it would take to even attempt to save .reg files for each program (if you were lucky enough to ID all of the references and entries in there). On the PC, usually a program will save its config when you quit the program. Another lame thing, since if you crash (the app or Windows), the settings won't be stored. I prefer saving a config the way you save in an adventure game. That way it's in YOUR control. Some PC apps use .ini files for the settings, but its become quite rare these days.

Nope, I will never fully embrace being a PC user and I'm working my way back to losing the PC and replacing it with a modern Amiga, a classic Amiga, and maybe a Linus box. It's a hefty change, but may keep my hair from turning grey for many more years.
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