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BBS Software Related Question.


I had a question for some of you that were heavy BBS sceners back in the day.

There were programs like AE (ascii express) for the Apple line of computers, and some similar apps for the MSDOS machines that provided BBS like functionality, but were pretty much dedicated to file transfer. Some of these apps had a user system, but a lot of them were simply a single password to get in for everyone and then you had full access to everything shared - think of it as sort of an FTP server built from a BBS program... Or like the host mode that the C64 program "Phone Man" had in it.

I was just curious if anyone had any details on a similar application that was written for the Amiga? Again, i am not talking about anything TCPIP related - this would be purely dialup and would most likely have been written and distrubuted purely for warez distribution.

Additionally, were there any apps other than BBS programs, and terminal programs for the Amiga that were written to assist in file transfer.. Things like disk communicators, etc...

I'm really just trying to get an idea of whether or not there were any "specialty" apps that were written for the distribution of warez other than an actual, "true" BBS soft...

Thanks guys..
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