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Come on Leytond. I think you are trying to do far too much for someone who really knows very little about the Amiga. All you need is more patience and less customising.

Start from the original Workbench 3.1, and slowly work your way up. You'll learn a lot more by playing and tinkering with the original OS than trying to continually upgrade the thing, which ends up in you encountering problems galore along the way.

It's like buying a 286 peecee under dos, you'll be lost from the start until you grasp the concept of the OS. Read more books regarding the Amiga OS, Workbench 3.1 etc. You WILL get there in the end, and common-sense WILL prevail.

Just be patient, take your time, learn the OS, upgrade when you're confident enough, and most of all, enjoy the trials and tribulations of the Amiga, it's more fun than you think. At times it may drive you mad but in time you WILL eventually enjoy the Amiga for what it's really about, an excellent workhorse of a machine that was top of it's class for over a decade and outstripped any peecee of the same era. Now that counts for something, keep trying and don't sell the miggy, I'm sure you WILL get there in the end
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