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Jeez this should be renamed "manic depressives" thread. Personally I dont know what you are all worrying about. Want a "dead" platform, try Acorn/Risc OS.... I'm astonished by the ammount of Amiga software and (new ish) hardware like scandoublers and the like. I might be missing something but the Acorn segment is FAR smaller than the Amiga one... granted the machines are around the same age, but the hardware is still very much alive and kicking.

Lets see, the Amiga goes as far back as 1985... in 1985 Acorn had the BBC series. Can a BBC Master Run Risc OS ? erm nope....

Can an Amiga 1000 run os 3.9 ? I'm sure it could with some expansions...

So for a 24 year old system to still be relatively current in terms of what the platform can do.... I'd say its far from dead.

No I'm not bashing Risc OS either.... but I feel that the Amiga has far more resources available to it than the equivalent Acorn, or the Ealiest Archimedes....

USB (yes I know you can put USB on a Risc PC, but anything earlier and you're screwed)
it'll go on an A1200. The Equivalent Acorn (A3000 series/4000/5000 ?) Forget it.

More than 8MB ram ? yup, most, if not all Amigas. Most Arcs are limited to 4/8mb. The A540 can have 16 and the Risc PC up to 256 MB with a kinetic card.

Software, hmm web browsers etc all available for both platforms. Amiga has a Vast catalogue of Games (far more than the Arch)

This is not meant to be a "whose best" argument - I started with an Acorn and 'm getting an Amiga, I love them both. The Amiga may not be at the forefront of technology any more (and it hasn't been for a LONG time) but please... its not dead. It will only die when there's no one left to keep the community going. Hardware is only plastic/metal/PCB's and will wear out eventually. People can and do find ways of keeping old things working (Radios are a typical example)

Of course it will get harder, but hopefully not for a few years yet.
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