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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
@Boo Boo:
Ah, The Wonder TV - Now I'm really delving into the 'squishy archive' here so beware of upcoming B.S:
This baby was, I believe, a Chinese Amiga clone - if it's the one I'm thinking of it had a clone-AGA chip-set. So much for the other B.S. excuse that new Amigas couldn't be done because of limited supplies of AGA chips & a lack of schematics for making more...
...assuming the 'squishy archive's' data-retrieval is functioning correctly this one died a death courtesy of a previous A.(st)inc - they couldn't agree a licensing deal & that killed it!
Hi Charlie -yes id love to have a little play around with a Wonder TV. Whatt surprises me is that the Chinese are an enterprising lot and Ive never hearded of this machine being hacked or request for games or anyting!?!


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