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Given the fact that my dad has a 75 yo car and a 300 yo clock I'd say probably never.

Originally Posted by gordonbennett View Post
when most Amigans have died you may be able to pick up and sx-32 pro for a £10 and a blizzard for £5 when there grand children find it in the loft.
I've said many times the price of Amiga hardware goes in predictable cycles.

First it went down as everyone sold their Amiga's to buy PC's.
Then it creeps up as everyone got full time jobs / careers and had lots of disposable income and could afford to buy the Amiga they always wanted.
Then it goes down as people got married and their wives wouldn't let them keep all the "computer crap".
Then it goes really down as Amiga users have kids and their disposable income drops to zero.
Then there is a large peak as Amiga users buy back systems to show their kids what computers were like in the good old days.
Low again as kids go to University and disposable income drops to zero.
High again as Amiga users retire.
Low once more as Amiga users die

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