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Oooo, please, please, please, please take it out of it's box. Take some piccies inside & out. Then some of it running - benchmarks too..?

Hey, it's not just Zetr0 who likes his retro-porn.

I'd love to lay my hands on a DraCo & gently caress all it's scrumptious little components...
...oh, um.

Sorry, it's just they are so d*amn rare & there's very little on the 'net regarding what can really be done with one.
I find it most interesting that an 'Amiga clone' was marketed back in the day without the aid of that famous chip-set by a company who had no interest in hardware - they just wanted a more powerful box on which to run their software...
...and yet after another 20 years, all we've heard is bleating on by 'hardware companies' about 'how hard it is to clone an Amiga' & that's why nobody has done it.

Go on, crack that DraCo out of its egg (um, box) & fire it up for us...

...or you could donate it to the 'Lonely DraCo Foundation'.

@Boo Boo:
Ah, The Wonder TV - Now I'm really delving into the 'squishy archive' here so beware of upcoming B.S:
This baby was, I believe, a Chinese Amiga clone - if it's the one I'm thinking of it had a clone-AGA chip-set. So much for the other B.S. excuse that new Amigas couldn't be done because of limited supplies of AGA chips & a lack of schematics for making more...
...assuming the 'squishy archive's' data-retrieval is functioning correctly this one died a death courtesy of a previous A.(st)inc - they couldn't agree a licensing deal & that killed it!

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