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Personally I want A.(st)inc to keep going & to attract (just) enough money to keep the announcements going...
...the antics of our 'leader(s)' have no bearing on the Amiga community @ large, but over the years have been a regular source of amusement to me.
Who else thinks 'Big Bill' & his antics have a striking similarity to the Retarded Policeman vids on YouTube?

On a slightly more serious front what would happen the remaining IP + secondary licences should A.(st)inc finally fold?
AFAIA: Gateway sold licences to A.(st)inc for the IP but kept the ultimate rights...
...If A.(st)inc fold the whole lot goes back to Gateway - or whomever now owns them. Not only could the licences sink without a trace (tricky) but material dependant on sub-licences could end right up do-do creek.

Just call me 'Mr Doomey'
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