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Have a problem with the disks i uploaded, years ago i imaged all disks i had. Well near all of them.

For some reason there is a few that got got imaged different, these are uploaded to ftp in above post.

Affects any disk i uploaded with (DISK_NAME.ds0-dsq) in the coverdisks/Amiga User International folder.

I used disksqueeze v3.0 gui front end with diskspare.device and packdev for compression.

Device = diskspare.device
Mount = 1
Unit = 0
Flags = 1
Surfaces = 2
BlockSize = 512
BlocksPerTrack = 12
Reserved = 2
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0
HighCyl = 79
Buffers = 50
BufMemType = 1
StackSize = 600
Priority = 10
GlobVec = -1
(possibly without stacksize,priority,globvec)

This seems to be the diskspare.device mount i used then or is a similar one. As can see BlocksPerTrack = 12. Is there anyway or a tool that can bring this back down to BlocksPerTrack = 11. Otherwise the disks are useless for originality. I can open these disk images by unpacking using xad, voodoox etc and copy the contents to another disk, though would prefer another set of disks if that was it.

More about this here

If nothing to do and are now rubbish, i will remove the images from magix ftp.

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