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Now we're talkin' indeed! Quite possibly the single best console ever made, any list for this one, will be unbelievably hard to limit.

My list is rather humble tho... and not very exciting...

1. SUPER METROID ( quite possibly the single best 16-bit game ever compiled. those that disagree, shall be power-bombed out of existence)
2. Super Street Fighter 2 ( I'm a sucker for the original, even tho the turbo edition is really fun)
3. Zelda - A link to the Past
4. Super Mario World
5. TMNT 4(? I think it is..) - Turtles in Time
6. Super Castlevania
7. Donkey Kong Country
8. Terranigma ( this one's somewhat of an obscure bit, released at the end of the consoles life-span, but worthy of a mentioning for sure. Pretty much pushes the envelope to the max, on what the Snes can do. Some stuff are so cool, that you'd think it was low-end 32-bit. One of the few J-rpg's I can tolerate. why? because it's real-time! just like Zelda.)
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