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No, you have no way of doing this, only the backbone provider that controls these reouters can do that

Chances are your ISP in Brazil is contracting with at least one backbone provider, perhaps more, and this could be their routers. Normally packets of data are routed around faults and/or breaks in the network, in this case the Internet. Could be some other issue with the backbone provider, some rogue acl's or other router config is causing this problem. I'd say first contact your ISP with the IP address and/or hostname and see if the same thing occurs from the NOC as opposed to you going thru terminal servers. This can at least give you a starting point so you know whether it's your ISP or the the backbone provider.

One other thing, do you have both a primary and secondary DNS address? This should be provided to you by your ISP. You could try and enter these addresses manually into your TCP/IP settings instead of provided by ISP setting. Also, do a google search for public DNS servers, and add a third server manually into the settings, perhaps this DNS server will find a better route
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