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What keeps DCE from making Amiga Stuff?
Profit, or rather the lack of it. Plus components which are no longer available.

If they built and sold Amiga hardware, how much success do you think they would have?
Non. They would have to invest more money than they could ever hope to recover.

The current high prices seen on eBay for accelerators are artificial due to demand outstripping supply. But the demand is not that big. As soon as they had one production run it would push the price of ALL accelerators down to nominal.

The Indivision AGA has done just that to the Amiga scandoubler market. Before the launch, older internal scandoublers were fetching on eBay about £200... now they are fetching a more normal £50

Unlike the accelerators, Indivision scandoubler does not rely on old chips which are no longer on general sale, making production easy.

I read somewhere they cancelled Blizzard turbo cards repair due to some upsetting Amiga users...does anyone knows anything about it?
I know they upset Amiga users BY cancelling repairs and not returning the boards either.

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