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Glitches in some demos...

Hi there!

First of all, please keep in mind that I'm not good with hardware, especially in Amiga case... I just use it ^^

Well, I have problem with my little friend. Some demos, especially PPC ones and those made by TBL are acting weird.
Just look at it:

"OceanMachine" by TBL: [ Show youtube player ] (around 1:20)
"Option" by Potion: [ Show youtube player ] (around 2:00)

Can you see "corrupted" graphics? I don't know what's going on...

I have:
- A1200 tower
- kickstart 3.0
- BPPC 603e/160/040/33 (overcloked from 25 by previous owner)
- BVision
- 96 MB RAM
- OS 3.5

The problem occures either with WB loaded and w/o startup-sequence.

I have made some tests:
FPU Test = everything OK
Memory Test 1 = everything OK
Mempry Test 2 = CHIP memory OK, but during "External Memory Test" it looks like it's doing nothing (I have waited 30 minutes and there was no action)
Memory Test 3 = errors, errors, errors...

I had also run two fractal-generators, AMountains and FlashMandel, and they both have generated images with little glitches and then have frozen entire system...

So, do you have any ideas what causes this problem and how to fix it?
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