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hum .. AMP went to quite a bit of updates since then
- more than 94000 music files
- 11900 composers listed
- 900 interviews
- about 1500 pictures of musicians

Feedback always welcome.

Some facts :
- Composers' information are maintained by Crown and Curtcool mainly
- musics are compiled mainly by Curtcool, on CD. The list of musics available is from these CD. Sources of musics are either direct sending by composers, uploads by contributors or own rips.
- all additions/updates of musics to the site are done by me (I'm still 3 CDs late)
- the rest : news, pictures, interviews are spread out
- PHP/MySQL originaly done by Monty, then updated a little bit by me.
- finaly, Monty still maintains the site

If you have any question, please, don't hesitate.

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