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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
But you've got to admit that racing games are the perfect example where the online games have increased immersion.

Playing your mates when they are not allowed round, playing with Player Characters rather than non-player characters really makes a difference in terms of challenges and variation when playing which adds longevity to games (as long as the servers are running that is!)

I see your point. But I do miss multiplayer games when you have to be with the person you are playing with or against. Pitstop2 and Bruce Lee and Alien Breed used to keep me and my mates happy for hours - and still do know I have a miggy running again and a gp2x. I play a lot of games with my best mate from school who is also my next door neighbour (we are destined to never grow up, total bad influence on each other) and even now when we play modern games such as warcraft we end up taking machines round each other house and play in the same room - its just so much more fun. we had a 36hour game of Cossacks once, when we were undergraduates, total barmyness, i reduced him to tears in a crushing victory made worse for him by sleep and nicoteen deprivation. We still laff about it whenever we netwotk our systems and its the sort of thing I miss with internet only play. He uterly trashes me on sensible soccer though
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