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Originally Posted by musashi5150 View Post
I dislike the new layout so I still prefer to use the out of date instead. It's just not as clear and easy to use as the old site.
You are right. I would like to have 2 frames instead of one site, too. But I'm no programmer and I had to take an existing programm and tried to make it as much as possible looking like the old.

Now it's a BBoAH running everywhere. Thats one of the reasons why I did it. Have you seen the new features? Everyone can work on the BBoAH now for to make new translations.The world is not only German and English.

The next thintg I want to change is the large categories to HW specific sub-categories. Look at RAM Expansios. 9! sites. This soft can handle sub-categories like RAM Expansions--> a500, A600 and so on. This will make it much easier to search something specific.

I know it is not perfect and some of you don't like it. The other main-reasons were: 1. PERL is not running everywhere. 2. It's not very easy to work on the database.

The new is PHP-based, that makes it much easier to run everywhere. The new also is much more safer. The home-site amiga-resistance was already hacked a few times, so call me a psycho, but I'm on a "make it as safe as possible" trip.

If anyone has specific suggestions what could be changed feel free to post. And if anyone with more knowledge as I have (quite easy ) wants to help feel free to contact me.

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