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Originally Posted by hit View Post
maybe sponsored by the gaming industry, thinking of a new way, remarketing their old assets? well, wild guess (for now).
they've contacted some MESS/MAME devs before the news was sent out.

read more here:

YES. More than likely. I have seen things going this way for a while now.

I presented a paper last spring on the social and cultural significance of multi-player games. Short story: I argued that new gen games are not as immersive in many respects, in comparison with Amiga generation of games, because social aspects of game play such as multi player competition and cooperation are now second place to grafix and special effects budgets - and as a result the playability and longevity of games will suffer. EG ; I propposed that Tabula Rassa was dead in the water despite its mass market potential of the internet, and this did not go down at all well with some of the marketing peeps that were there. The post paper debate turned on to emulation of older systems and turned very sour very quickly - I remarked that I used a GP2x to run emulators for fun and research. Games esigners and programmers there loved the idea of their games still being played. Marketing and legal representatives from games companies were literaly ready to ripp me to shreds, you could see their brains working overtime to propose an argument that justified a way of clawing back revenue from old games. In pressing economic times I can see this happening. I know very little regards the legal aspects of emulating games so cant comment much, other than I dont emulate amiga games that I havent owned or still own as I pretty much had them all in the day. One marketing type there actually said - 'Mr Sega or Mr Nintendo cant physicaly come round your house and check you own the originals, so we have the law for that, and we are looking into ways of securing our rights...'
I dont want to appear overly reactionay, a lot of good can come from established research, but I would like to know more about where funds are coming from for this, and what will be published and what wont. I will do some poking around over the next couple of months and post here
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