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Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
Oh, and it's just a regular emulator. From the article: "Computer historians and researchers at Portsmouth University in the UK are developing a software emulator that will recognise and play all types of videogames and computer files from the 1970s through to the present day."
Didn't notice that. Not exactly cutting edge is it, expected better from a university research project

Originally Posted by DrewPee70
Well, erm, Im trying it the other way - using old systems to play old games on . . . that is why I wanted to start our Retro Computer Museum, to preserve old systems! I fully agree that emulation is just as important but - you can't beat playing on the original kit. Our collection has now passed the 100 systems mark so I guess when we do eventually open our museum to the public it will certainly be entertaining.
What's happening with the launch? There was a very misleading article on BBC News a few months back that led me to believe it was open in Bradford, I nearly drove over there but luckily phoned first.
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