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What a bunch of absolute crap. Do they actually think they can do better and lump it all together in one program? Delusional. And they think games aren't archived? What kind of "historians" are they?

And it's stupid on two levels.. First, from using, and admiring, things like WinUAE and MAME it's obvious they're complicated, dedicated pieces of work. Then pile on the numerous other emulators.. And MESS that does.. well just what they're planning on doing. Let's reinvent the wheel because we have engineering degrees! Plus, things like TOSEC, Gamebase 64 and Amiga and Lemonade, even MAME itself, along with numerous other projects, are archiving the games that, I guess, aren't being archived.

Preaching to the choir maybe, but as I read that, the stupid really started to burn.
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