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ahhh the AmigaOs, what great memories I have of it, sadly though I hardly touch it these days, I occasionally hook up my real Amiga and have a bit of a play and run winuae in only a basic setup and not like I used to.

Best things about AmigaOS for me are

- it was/is just plain enjoyable and fun especially after you know the basics
- is slim, has good speed considering cpu speeds at the time
- is highly configurable and feels like you are in control
- some great apps like dopus and snoopdos and many others
- draggable screens with multiple resolutions on the 1 screen at the same time
- great preemptive multitasking
- the assign command
- was a fairly individual OS aswell, what I mean by that is many peeps made their OS look and work quite different from each other, something you dont see as much today with XP/Vista and the like.

I was impressed with Os4.0 after seeing it run for the first time on a Amiga4000T with a G3 @ 800mhz under the hood, seemed to be quicker at normal OS environments than XP on my E6600 @ 3.4ghz, I could be just dreaming that up as I couldnt compare them side by side.

I dont have any real issues with XP/Vista except the multitasking can get a bit shitty at times and a couple of other minor probs but the thing that grinds me the most is I still think everything (computering wise) is waaay too slow considering the hardware we're running.
I expect a Pc with a current OS and current hardware to boot up within a few seconds, multitask instantly and shouldnt be made to bloody wait unless its a highend compression task or something similar, anything less is just not good enough! and theres no excuses.

If only Amiga didnt fall on its arse and was still developing the OS and hardware, I think the Amigas OS would be the very close to what I expect today but sadly nope and never will.

Wheres my holographic 3d screen with 3d OS in full colour and virtual keyboard and pointing device
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