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Originally Posted by IFW View Post
A few millions worth of money is being involved, hence the interest in reselling existing stuff as the result of the research
the higher education scene is undergoing a lot of changes at the moment, and in my opinion undergraduates are getting a bum deal as universities seek to inflate their research profiles in order to get tax payer dollars. As games are a growing sector of the economy in harsh times they will be focused on in greater force by research establishments. It will be very easy for professional historian to take work and research done by people with a passion for retro machines and software and make it their own. At the moment university staff seem spellbound by the Wii and are pushing to be involved in software production with Wii developers in a big way, it is a mistake i think, as i see the casual gamer 'cash in' as a temporary blip. I have seen Professorial staff argue at conferences that the Wii will cause the demise of consoles like the 360 within 5 years - utter tripe in my opinion, from a guy who doesnt play games. It will be interesting to see what comes of studies like the one being done at Nottingham Trent and game city.
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