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Hi Dale,

Good news at last!

I'm not sure yet whether the QNX 6.1 ISO image I downloaded last night is a replica of the QNX 6.1 CD bundled with AmigaOS XL, but it will allow the Amiga OS to be installed on my machine in just the same way.

Downloading this CD image should enable you to install AmigaOS XL under VMware.

I am sure that an incompatible graphics card is the reason you cannot boot your machine with the AmigaOS XL install CD to get the Amithlon desktop.

However, installing QNX v6.1 should not present the same problem. Although it is older than the current version, so will not offer the same degree of hardware support, it does include generic vesa and vga graphics drivers which should (especially in the case of the vesa driver) give sufficient compatibility.

If you can get AmigaOS XL working undser QNX 6.1, then it will at least be one step towards getting it working under a later version with better hardware support.

Good luck,


PS. In my next post here, I will summarize what happens when I install QNX v6.1 on my machine using the QNX 6.1 ISO image burned to CD, and the steps then necessary to install AmigaOS XL.
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