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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
It's the most beautifully conceived desktop OS ever written!

That's not to say it doesn't have it's (major) limitations for the present day but as a well put together example of how a (semi)real-time, functional, expandable, low-overhead, OS should be done you could do far, far worse...

...I'd go as far as saying that the only OS that betters it is by QNX but sadly that's never really been targeted at desktop users.

BeOS - similar 'ethos'
RiscOS - An alternate example for how an OS should be done, but then I would say that.
Those are the three.

And yeah, XP is stable after 16-odd years of development. Thing is, AmigaOS hangs if you run a buggy app. Don't run the app, and you're fine. XP can hang at any time for any reason, about once a week.
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