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Well not exactly. It generates a "Netconnect key", which at least the versions of the applications on the CD accept. There may be an extra library involved, but the applications will work without a nag or limitations.

There are updated versions for some of the applications on the website. Some work with the "Netconnect key" and some don't. In particular the betas of AmIRC didn't, and neither did a newer Voyager. Apparently one could originally fill a web form and receive proper application keys for the Vaporvare products, but this process doesn't appear to work anymore. While proper keys would be certainly be neat, the "Netconnect key" is more than sufficient for my needs.

For browsing I'd rather use IBrowse than Voyager. Unfortunately it's been 'temporarily unavailable' for purchase for a couple of years, which sounds a lot like not every effort has been made to make it so again. But the developers say that it's not dead, and the last news item on the web page is from December 31 last year. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will still see a release. Seems more likely than Voyager, anyway..
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