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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
"Games particularly tend not to be archived because they are seen as disposable, pulp cultural artefacts, but they represent a really important part of our recent cultural history."

What? A load of tosh, since a myriad of projects are preserving games on many platforms!!.
Yep there are lots of well established methods and archives that preserve games - TOSEC is great - but because its not done by established historians who work out of universities they will not see it as official and will work at undoing anything anybody has already done.
I work as an historian at a university but I freelance, I am my own boss, and I have a lot of problems with established history, especially where games are concerned as they are my passion and hobby.
I get scoffed at at work by Historian colleagues - i do not consider them friends - because I have chosen to steer my career towards games and games culture. mark my words games are a very effective tool for viewing a culture and its beliefs, and its values, but because there are no established archives and studies it is viewed as a geek and minority interest. dont get me started on the ivory tower brigade - I am pretty sick of seeing high paid 'intellectuals' at conferences talk about games they have never played and certainly dont understand as a cultural and social artifact. It gives me great pleasure shooting them down in flames.
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