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@haynor and s2325:

Any one of you went far into the game?

Your words lead me to try it (I like Blackthorne).
I finished the first zone and have a mixed opinion.

There are some interesting aspects/potential but the execution seems quite poor on some points:
- poor collision detection (load this save state in Fusion, the water/electric does not hit your shield, press and hold up to look upwards and it depletes your shield )
- Some traps/puzzles requiring you to be hit (end of zone 1, unless there is a pattern I can't see)
- You can't use the laser thingie to grab a platform above if you jump, the hero fires the laser instead...

I have completed my fair share of 'frustrating' games (Rick Dangerous, another world etc...) but that one is a bit too much frustrating to my liking.

I tested zone 2 a bit and it seemed a bit less frustrating, but that may be because it is only the beginning.

So before spending more time on it or not, I wondered if you had some opinions to give.

Oh and although I can understand why it could be described as a Blackthorne clone, the first zone looks heavily inspired by Flashback (and Spider-man for a moment ).

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