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Originally Posted by alexh View Post

?? I replied to every email you sent.
Look on your INbox here!

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
?? Surely it should be dynamic to the size of the browser screen?

It seems to be hard coded to 1024x768 as a maximum.

I don't think the majority would agree with you. Or maybe they would?


Yes, but you seem to have inherited most of the pages. The content of which were created by Ian and others before you took over.

Perhaps it is a browser thing but it was not visible when I posted. Seems ok now.
If you did a little testing we wouldn't have to talk about the other points.
I had to make changes. So I had to do it of my own. There had been enough time before for discussions. Now I'm out of time due working and changes are not so fast to do.

As I made the entries, it may be possible that I made mistakes. Maybe, I'm only human not a perfect god. I made 3643 entries. Everybody can count, if he wants.

Originally Posted by Inbox, send messages of novamann

14 November 2008, 19:38

Re: Hi
No problem,
had to a lot other things, too, so that many new entries are waiting.

If you want you may have a look at a new PHP-based BBoAH.


by adding xxxxx you can enter the Admin-Center of that soft.

User: xxxxx
Login: xxxxxxxx

What you think about?


Uwe aka "New BBoAH-man-since-Mario-left"

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