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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Any chance of either going back to the old BBoAH or optimising the output for a larger screen size.

It is sooo much harder to navigate. The layout is too small. On a 1280x1024 screen 1/5th is not used!

Users are not interested in the right hand window (The newest 30 entries) once they have started browsing, it just eats up space in the viewing window.

I do not like the "Author field" which suddenly now reads "Novaman" for almost all pages regardless of who contributed to them in the past.

Where has the reference to Ian Chapman gone from the front page? He is the founder of BBoAH and should not be forgotton!
Scroll a little bit down, find a better soft.

I asked you last year and got no reply. It's not helpfull not to talk with me. I Think there can be made changes for everything. The screen is something like dynamic to the content in the middle.

I just wanted this thing as much compatible as possible to Aweb and IBrowse.


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