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Originally Posted by tin View Post
LOL have you tried them though? Do ONE thing and there's 10,000 entries to wade through trying to figure out what just went on, and which one is actually the fail you're looking for.

You may have a point, as I point out I cannot understand it, but explain me how it's not done well ANYWHERE? TBH I think is IS the fault of the OS - bogging down said very capable hardware. IMHO.
But the OS is doing way, way, WAY more than AmigaDOS could ever do. Sure AmigaDOS is simple to understand, but it is limited.

SnoopDOS would be incomprehensible to someone who didn't know what they were doing...

What does give me hope with regards to OS is the direction major OSs are taking: Ubuntu removing CUPS from the standard install, OS X Snow Leopard being tuned for performance and size, Windows 7 apparently being thinner, too...
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