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Other than Nostalgia.... not a lot. I do love 1.3 though - my favourite OS of all time

Workbench goodness factors;

Easy to use
Small in size
What it can do with so little in terms of CPU/Memory
Bullet Proof reliability(except the guru's )
Clunky clunk disc drive access
Say program
Boingy boing demo
The fact it still lists COOL printers such as Daisy Wheels and ancient laser printers that cost 5 million pounds
Easter Eggs
Everything else I forgot to mention

To be honest I wish MS would take the concepts of the likes of Workbench and slim down the unnecessary bloatware... people can then add things on as they like... XP is pretty nice but the likes of Vista turn me off Windows altogether.... hopefully W7 should resolve Vista's downfalls.

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