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Originally Posted by tin View Post
However from the humble scrolly text screensaver, to the check in desk billboards at Manchester airport, from the graphics around the screen on the late night text in channels to the information screens in the local shopping centre - the machine running the show, hundreds of times faster with much more capable hardware can't help looking a bit like it's struggling to display simple text at times - or perhaps even taking a break for a little while - universally. Then of course sometimes it'll pop up a bloody great requester in the middle of the screen bleating about something inane.
Hardly the fault of the OS.

A mixture of bad applications / bad programming combined with Sys-ops who do not know how to do anything not written in their A4 folder let alone configure a PC!

The system we had in our local pub was the same, crappy scroller running along the bottom of the screen jerking around, blurrier than an N64 with RF output.

2-minutes work with PowerStrip and perfect smooth scrolling, tweak the gfx card driver to lower the flicker filter setting and finally replace the composite cable with an S-Video one and voilĂ !
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