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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
There is no such thing as two disk RAID5
hey you're right, I'm a fool, it's just a stripe should be fecking fast though, no?

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I just remember it being crap as almost everything in the GUI was a blocking operation. Not being able to do anything until the GUI had finished reading a directory and drawing the current folder.
Not sure we're entirely talking about the same thing but I am at a bit of a loss to describe it atm. It certainly did not block all your other apps and was completely incapable of updating the screen just cos it was a bit busy looking at the network drives that weren't there (Win: I stare at YOU)

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Probably cos it had 50Hz video output. Setting a 50Hz video output on your PC does wonders also. WinUAE at 50Hz = Smooth scrolling

I do think that games do suck on the PC without VSync enabled. I hate screen tearing. I'd much rather use a lower resolution with VSync on and AA enabled running at 50fps than 1600x1200 at 33.3

Talking about video apps (i.e. watching movies) any stuttering is more likely to be the software trying to keep the video and audio in sync, compensating for a 75Hz screen refresh and a 23.9Hz video source. Windows does "scratch" itself now and again but I would say it is more likely to be crappy video replay software coupled with unfriendly screen refresh rate.
I'm not really referring to games, or video playback, of course they've got their problems - more like where PC is used where the Amiga used to be - signage, oncreen graphics for TV, video production etc. I'm not really talking about where there are mismatches in teh frame rate of the material and output device. PC obviously usually ends up with the screen displaying at the rate the card actually outputs. However from the humble scrolly text screensaver, to the check in desk billboards at Manchester airport, from the graphics around the screen on the late night text in channels to the information screens in the local shopping centre - the machine running the show, hundreds of times faster with much more capable hardware can't help looking a bit like it's struggling to display simple text at times - or perhaps even taking a break for a little while - universally. Then of course sometimes it'll pop up a bloody great requester in the middle of the screen bleating about something inane.

BTW - I'm not really coming from an "OMG the meega rulleez put it back in everywhere!!!!11" angle, just flabbergasted that STILL nobody else has been able to replicate some of the things it could do well.
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