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Well, I don't get most of them :/..... so far it's "all your base"....

"it came from the dune" sounds nice, but makes no sense together with this game..... I mean, what is "it" supposed to be in this game?, the CPU?... they are people, not things (well, unless you really mean cpu as a "thing" :P... but in this game it's people).... maybe the title doesn't HAVE to make sense together with the game? ..... but if I would use "it came from the dune", then only (mostly) Amiga fans would know what the title where referring to (even though the game exist on PC too)... I want the title to speak to ALL people and the "all your base" is widely known by everyone....

Originally Posted by Nostalgeek View Post
Could be written on screen when the game begins as a kind of "ready steady go"
Yup, will probably have two pictures popping up just before the battle starts of Ordos and Atreides saying "All your base are belong to us!"

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